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I'm a guy who loves the cartoons so much. I also enjoy doing my own animations. I hope you can check them here and tell me what do you think. every respectable review is welcome :)

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Posted by MarkAnime - 11 days ago

The past 26 of october I went to MJAM'18 , a GameJam event that takes place on the Murcia Science Park Foundation


It was organized by AMUDEV (Murcia's Videogames developer institution) and like any gamejam the goal is to make a game in 48 hours based on a subject. This years subject was "you're the villain"

Developers on Murcia working as fast as they can

The best part was the team that I've got, Kahsez & OkiDosiTisha, and we build together this game called "KillJoy" I was in charge of art, Kahsez the code and OkiDosiTisha composed the music and created all the sound effects


We uploaded KillJoy on Newgrounds check it out !

And we managed to create a full playable game in 48 hours based on the subject !
this was my first gamejam ever and that was really satisfying.


On MJAM website you can check out all the submitted games

Going to a GameJam it's a really great excercise for your skills and I wish I did it before.



Posted by MarkAnime - September 8th, 2018

I bought Flash 5 (not CS5) and later Flash 8 a long time ago, and I still enjoy them,

I use Flash 8 for animations, graphics and even some mini games test. I've tried later versions but it is losing performance since adobe bought it.

So now in 2018 we have plenty of newer tools, like Toonboom Harmony , Unity, Godot

I'll consider a change to a newer software ? I already did on the game development side, I'm using Unity (and still learning)  and I consider great for game development.

For 2D animation I didn't take the step out of Flash yet, Because I can render to a video file there's no rushing to a change. 

but l CAN'T recommend Flash to newer developers/animators, 

The reason for this is because is outdated, and as I said before Adobe messed up and other softwares. 

 ... so why I'm still using it for animation?

  • Because I bought it, and I don't want to spend more money for newer software yet 
  • I use plugins that help me to create assets and animations
  • I have experience on it and I work faster on it. 

And Flash is great. 








Posted by MarkAnime - January 26th, 2018



Posted by MarkAnime - December 31st, 2017


Posted by MarkAnime - December 8th, 2017

Hi !

I have been busy with my Job and the development of other of my Projects, but I would like to spend more time doing one of my favorites forms of art, Animation, Its been 8 years since I did Xmas Crisis the day 8 of december of 2009, So I decided to warm me up upgrading this animation, take a look a some Old vs New Comparisons

Comparison between old xmas crisis and new

I Hope that you like the, and be sure to check  this Redux of Xmas Crisis, on Newgrounds of course.

Merry Christmas to everyone :-)

Posted by MarkAnime - March 12th, 2017


Pad of Time is a new platformer game I've working for the last 3 years in my free time for WiiU and PC.

"Pad of Time has a travel in time mechanic, that allows you to travel and explore the past, present and future of every level and the player needs to solve “time puzzles” to discover different paths for clearing the level or find hidden treasures."

A few days ago I published the Greenlight Page of Pad of Time so if you have an Steam account please check it out and if you like it give us a vote and comment :-) 


And a free demo is avaiable for everyone to download, so you can test the gameplay experience on PC,

This game is being developed by 2 old Newgrounders :-)

  • Markanime: Director, Graphics , Game desing and programing
  • Sonucais: Music and Beta testing

Posted by MarkAnime - June 19th, 2015

It's been around 2 years since I publish my last animation on Newgrounds.

But I have two reasons why I didn't upload anything here since then:

- first is my Job, it's a time killer and doesn't give me so much free time

- second my new project, I've decided to start developing a comercial videogame on my little free time. check it out http://www.padoftime.com (Still under development )

Anyway, I'll still doing little things. So if you want to look at them you're welcome. :)





Posted by MarkAnime - November 2nd, 2013

If you watched the last Halloween Special that I submitted on newgrounds You may noticed that I used 3D Animation, so I recorded me when I did the Tux-bot you could check out right here

And If you want to look up for my new animations please , subscribe to my channel:

Posted by MarkAnime - October 14th, 2013

The Mini MarkAnime Series Started the last week.
Every Week I'll upload to you a new episode on Newgrounds and Youtube.

This is the last episode:

Vote five on Newgrounds : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626640

Also Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more Cartoons every week :)
My Youtube Channel

Posted by MarkAnime - September 20th, 2013

Wanna check out Fat Pain ?
Its Fat Its gross ... Fatty is really evil, help this guy to send her to a far away land, but careful if she wakes up by a hedgehog, you will be dead.

I hope you enjoy this game

Follow me on twitter and facebook
And susbscribe to my Youtube Channel Markanime

I'm going to create new games and new animations, just for you ! stay tune ;)