Hey, I'm Marco! I code on games for a living and do art for fun.
I'll be posting some of my personal projects on NG, mostly animations and drawings.

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Markanime's News

Posted by Markanime - June 19th, 2015

It's been around 2 years since I publish my last animation on Newgrounds.

But I have two reasons why I didn't upload anything here since then:

- first is my Job, it's a time killer and doesn't give me so much free time

- second my new project, I've decided to start developing a comercial videogame on my little free time. check it out http://www.padoftime.com (Still under development )

Anyway, I'll still doing little things. So if you want to look at them you're welcome. :)





Posted by Markanime - November 2nd, 2013

If you watched the last Halloween Special that I submitted on newgrounds You may noticed that I used 3D Animation, so I recorded me when I did the Tux-bot you could check out right here

And If you want to look up for my new animations please , subscribe to my channel:

Posted by Markanime - October 14th, 2013

The Mini MarkAnime Series Started the last week.
Every Week I'll upload to you a new episode on Newgrounds and Youtube.

This is the last episode:

Vote five on Newgrounds : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626640

Also Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more Cartoons every week :)
My Youtube Channel

Posted by Markanime - September 20th, 2013

Wanna check out Fat Pain ?
Its Fat Its gross ... Fatty is really evil, help this guy to send her to a far away land, but careful if she wakes up by a hedgehog, you will be dead.

I hope you enjoy this game

Follow me on twitter and facebook
And susbscribe to my Youtube Channel Markanime

I'm going to create new games and new animations, just for you ! stay tune ;)



Posted by Markanime - December 25th, 2011

and a happy new year :)

Merry Xmas

Posted by Markanime - April 30th, 2011

Actually not...
But I have a better thing, Gabe Newell's new song !

Posted by Markanime - August 1st, 2010

this is cucal Power my new videogame
Its a shoter and is quite entertaiment, please enjoy and share

I made also a trailer !

/* */

Posted by Markanime - February 8th, 2010

Yep I have to study a lot of maths at the career, I feel a little tired ...

well in my free time I did this animation about university with the collaboration of wonderful voice actors.
Click here to see it and vote it
I hope you enjoy it.

Tell me what is the Matrix... Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers. WTF ?

Posted by Markanime - December 8th, 2009

I know I soon to talk about Xma$ (or not)
Because for the Malls is Xma$ now !

Is sad that a lot of people use Christmas for his benefits. But I hope you´ll have a nice 25 of december with your family :)

Anyway I make an Animation about an Evil Santa who haves the dollar sing in his belly, this Santa Claus is not the Friendship Santa that we know, Its all the time hungry and eats only money.

You have to check it, althoug I made it only in 3 days, its a fine animation I hope you like it !

And don´t feed the beast in this holly days !

Merry Chrit$ma$ to Everyone and Buy a lot of things !

Posted by Markanime - July 17th, 2009

I made a new Animation, but I think that is not like I wanted to be ...

My objective was to create a history about a girl with strange personality, but when I wrote the script she dint fit how I wanted ... maybe it will be hard to understand the history.

Next time I´ll try harder WITH THE SCRIPT,
And of course I'm going to find some people for English dubs, If you want to help me with a dub, you are welcome, just send to me a PM

anyway, check the animation if you have time :)

"Eleanor Rigby" I have to do a better script