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10/14/13 by MarkAnime

The Mini MarkAnime Series Started the last week.
Every Week I'll upload to you a new episode on Newgrounds and Youtube.

This is the last episode:

Vote five on Newgrounds :

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out of the ceiling and sashes him

From my previous comment, that's supposed to be "comes out of the ceiling and smashes him".



I've got a few search suggestions:

Search Miley Cyrus: Horrible music plays in the background while a wrecking ball hits Mark through his computer

Search Pie part 2: Because of his previous search, Mark ducks expecting a pie to come from is computer and hit him in the face. Instead Pi (π=3.14) comes out of the ceiling and sashes him.

Search Football: A football comes out of the computer and as Mark catches it, he stares at it confused. After a second or two the cartoon shakes up and down slightly (not his computer, but the whole movie) and a bunch of football players come out of the computer and tackle him.

Search Laser: Oldy but a goody. You hear "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER" and the computer lazers him.

Search Outer Space: Mark types in outer space, and all of a sudden you hear rocket sounds as his butt catches fire and he shoots into outer space where he either explodes from lack of oxygen or he tyrns blue and suffocates.

I have more or less search thoughts, but it's 5 in the morning and I don't feel like adding more. If you like my ideas, let me know, especially if you want me to give you more. If not, you can use them anyway.